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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday in July? Larkspur or Ruby

I'll be True - Blue Larkspur Flower Earrings by NaturalFlipside

It is believed that the Roman empire began the tradition of giving specific stones and flowers according to the recipient's birth month. If you were born in July, back in the day, you'd be given a Larkspur flower and a Ruby. Hey, not too shabby!

The Larkspur flower represents an open heart and ardent attachment. Does that describe the Leo's and Cancer's you know?

I was excited to find this family team of artists and creators, NaturalFlipside on Etsy.  They have made a one of a kind, very unique and special pair of earrings out of the Larkspur flower. 

Why do we like this store in particular? Well, they offer Eco-friendly, recycled, up cycled, re purposed and sustainable products AND where else do you find earrings made out of actual flowers? You don't.
So, check out their store at: NaturalFlipside or @ their website www.naturalflipside.com

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