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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Knit your way to Wellness

Have you ever heard of meditative knitting?

I hadn't either, before today!

It's something about the rhythmic movement back and forth, the focus and precision it takes to move your hands in such a way, that many actually use it as a medium for meditating.

People who spin their own yarn also reap the benefits of the calming, relaxing effect of meditation.

So, if you're looking for a new hobby that also has health benefits, take up a spinning class (NO not the kind at the gym) the kind with a spindle or wooden wheel, people!

While you're at it, check out the beautiful hand spun art yarn at Weird and Twisted on Etsy.

I have never seen such amazing and unique yarn for your projects, I love the Pumpkin Art Yarn with ribbons, pumpkin charms and beads. Gorgeous! Perfect timing for fall weaving!

Weird and Twisted, is a small business from GERMANY! Specializing in fancy schmancy Art Yarn...........like THIS:

Their creations are born out of soft wool, silk and alpaca fibers with beautiful glass pearls, shiny cut glass crystals, semi precious stones and other quality supplies.

Check them out here:

* Weird and Twisted @ BLOGSPOT
* Weird and Twisted @ FACEBOOK
*Weird and Twisted @ TWITTER

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Help a Momma out!?

Hello my lovelies!

I'd sure appreciate it if you can take a second to go to my "local" website all about Mom's in Dallas, and FOLLOW our Google Friends link (top right toolbar). We're trying to build a readership to attract more people and could use a hand.


Thanks a bunch!

Peace & Wellness, always!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Copper Jewelry for arthritis relief!

Do the wave!

Copper was known in ancient Egypt as a health promoting substance, using it to purify water and treat ailments such as skin conditions, infections of the eyes and sore throat.

Currently, it's been proven to have anti-microbial properties to prevent the spread of some bacterias. Some medical professionals even say it can alleviate the pain associated with arthritis.

Well, if it can't hurt ya, maybe it can help? And why not look fantastic while you're at it!

I found some beautiful handmade copper jewelry on Etsy by The Salvaged Edge

Check out more products from this designer @ Etsy

  • http:/www.facebook.com/MarieYoungDesigns
  • www.thesalvagededge.tumblr.com
  • Www.pinterest.com/thesalvagededge

Sunday, September 11, 2011

What's the healthiest breakfast you can make?

It's Oatmeal, ya'll!

So break out that funny looking Quaker dude and serve yourself up a healthy portion this morning!

One of the best things about his healthy way to kickstart your day, is that it's cheap and easily customizable with your own favorite toppings of dried fruit, nuts, bananas or maple syrup.

Oatmeal is a low-glycemic-index foods, which means that it is a slow burning energy, so you'll have longer lasting "UMPH" because of it.

Check out some quick and easy recipes from Eating Well for inspiration HERE

Friday, September 9, 2011

How often do you cook a meal at home?

I happened upon a blog entry by Danielle Tsi on the Etsy site about "The Food Celebrity Paradox", speaking to our culture of food network shows and how it should inspire us to get into the kitchen but there is a break somewhere, a lack of follow through.

I have to admit there is a lot of ebb and flow for me and my habits of watching food network leading to actually picking up a spatula and wisk in my own kitchen.

I get inspired by a new dish I see and promise myself I will replicate, but often forget to follow through. Often times I'd rather to to a food festival or watch someone cook on TV than get my own butt behind the stove.

Of course we all know that cooking at home leads to overall better health, all the added sodium, preservatives and fat in restaurants pack on extra calories and such.

So, what do you do to inspire yourself to cook more at home? Do you have any tricks for planning your shopping trips ahead of time, or websites you frequent that have quick and easy inspiration?

Let us in on your secrets by commenting below!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Celebrate Ovarian Cancer Awareness and win a Washer / Dryer!

I just bought my first washer and dryer last month, bare bones no frills, makes funny noises and only has 2 settings!

I would LOVE the chance to win this Electrolux Perfect Steam™ washer and dryer and you can too!

The best thing about this sweepstakes, is that by joining Kelly Ripa's "Virtual Sleepover" they will donate $1 to Ovarian Cancer research and for every washer/dryer set purchased $200!

Enter to WIN your very own Electrolux Perfect Steam™ washer and dryer