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Friday, September 9, 2011

How often do you cook a meal at home?

I happened upon a blog entry by Danielle Tsi on the Etsy site about "The Food Celebrity Paradox", speaking to our culture of food network shows and how it should inspire us to get into the kitchen but there is a break somewhere, a lack of follow through.

I have to admit there is a lot of ebb and flow for me and my habits of watching food network leading to actually picking up a spatula and wisk in my own kitchen.

I get inspired by a new dish I see and promise myself I will replicate, but often forget to follow through. Often times I'd rather to to a food festival or watch someone cook on TV than get my own butt behind the stove.

Of course we all know that cooking at home leads to overall better health, all the added sodium, preservatives and fat in restaurants pack on extra calories and such.

So, what do you do to inspire yourself to cook more at home? Do you have any tricks for planning your shopping trips ahead of time, or websites you frequent that have quick and easy inspiration?

Let us in on your secrets by commenting below!

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