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Monday, August 22, 2011

Write your way to Wellness

I just moved to a new house, and found a box of dusty old journals that had been on a shelf in my closet for years!

As I opened them I found about a dozen or more that had only the first maybe 10 pages with writing, the rest....... blank empty spaces. Does this sound familiar? I always have an urge to write when experiencing stressful times, but often forget about the pen and paper shortly after.

Did you know that journaling can provide health benefits? One of the popular beliefs among professionals is that simply writing about a stressful event can help you come to terms with the issues experienced which actually releases the stress from your body.

Read more about how to journal effectively and how your mind and body can benefit: HERE

Just any old notebook won't do...........?

I found this beautiful, all natural, handbound, hardcorver journal HANDMADE in Finland by Elina.

I find these handmade pieces, earthy, peaceful and centering and would love to record my thoughts. She also has some amazing miniature book jewelry (first photo of this post) and many styles of inspiring handbound journals in her ETSY store.

Check out her work here: VETEROK
and her BLOG HERE

HAPPY JOURNALING! Let me know how it goes for you!

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