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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Daily wellness challenges # 3

As you know, I've given myself a challenge of posting for at least 7 days straight something that promotes peace and/or wellness.

How strange is it that I just happened upon a website today that does just that! It sends emails with daily wellness challenges, with a bit of social networking intertwined and a points system.

Sounds like fun, so I just joined today. I'll share with you the challenges, and perhaps you'll be inspired to come along for the ride!

If you're interested in joining yourself, CLICK HERE

Today's challenge was to find an insect either LIVE or online and observe it's intricacies, in hopes that it will make us realize how complex and interdependent our world is. 

I chose to inspect the Praying Mantis, thinking it might lead me to think about meditation or some other prayer related activity. Instead, I learned that they are classified as a "solitary insect", living life alone, no tribe, no partner or children to keep company with (except for a one time mate, which they "lovingly" eat afterward).

All this made me thankful that the human race, as crazy and messed up as they can be need each other to survive.  That we aren't made to be left alone for all of our existence. I'm thankful to be human and leave the solitary life to the Praying Mantis. Hey, he doesn't seem to mind!

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