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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eat your Veggies!

Today's wellness challenge is to make a list of the veggies in your fridge, and post them on the door.

 This way, you'll be more apt to cook with them or just snack on them more often. Too many times, the poor carrots or celery gets jammed in the bottom drawer, never again to appear until it's covered in fuzz!

It's obvious the benefits that fresh fruits and veggies have on our physical health. So get those veggies IN YOUR BELLY!

While you're at it, plant some in your garden so you never have to run to the store to get in your quota again!

Here are some Etsy stores that have fruit & veggie seeds:
Crenshaw Melon
- Purchase Crenshaw Melon Seeds HERE 

- Purchase Rhubarb Seeds HERE

- Purchase Organic Bushy Cucumber Seeds HERE

.....I can't wait until next month when I can move to a new house that hopefully has room for a GARDEN! :-)

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