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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sniff your way to wellness today!

Did you know that getting your 'ol sniffer to inhale Orange or Lavender can actually lower anxiety and increase positive feelings in humans?

There was a study held in Austria that tested this, and Prevention Magazine wrote an article about it. Take a look HERE

And to toot my own horn, my shop Zodiaque does carry Lavender and Orange bath salts. Not merely a perfume, but the actual oil pressed from the lavender and orange plants. Our Gemini bath salts (perfect for anyone with a birthday between May 21- June 20), are Lavender and Basil. The Leo blend has Orange, Jasmine and Lemon essential oils.

Now, don't cry if you're neither a Leo OR a Gemini, I can do a special order for you with any of the 100% natural blends above if you'd prefer. Just send me a message and I'll list a personalized item just for you!

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